Teamopolis Sport League/Club Website Features

Teamopolis League & Club Website Features

We have the tools to make your job easier. With our sports league website you can:

  • Reduce your workload
  • Teams can update their own stats
  • Improve your communication
  • Post league news, game info, and send e-mails
  • Save Time and Money
  • We provide the tools to help organize teams, players, and officials

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 Now Featuring Online Event Registration

Online sports registration is included with all site packages, including the Free site.

Teamopolis Leagues Feature Listing - All Packages

The Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Online Game sites provide a fully featured website including the following features:

League Web Site Package Feature Comparison

The following table outlines what extra features you get with the free, bronze, silver, and gold packages we offer. For more pricing information, please visit our sports club pricing page.


Free Bronze Silver Gold
8 10 30 150
Max of 50 Max of 50
30 MB 50 MB 150 MB 500 MB
  1 5 Unlimited
  • Support & Customer Service
E-mail only
(5 business days)
E-mail only
(5 business days)
E-mail only
(3 business days)
Priority E-mail Support
Feature is included in the package
Feature is available as an extra upgrade for the package

League/Club Website Pricing

Check out our Pricing page for more information.

League/Club Website Package Features

Online Sports Registration

Online registration is included with all sites. See our Online Registration page for more information.

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Easy-Access Site Url

With every site sign-up you get to choose a Teamopolis subdomain for your site.

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Team Limit

We limit the number of Home Teams you can create based on your hosting package.

We classify a home team as a team that has players/members associated with it, as well as a schedule. Coaches belonging to a home team can log in and use our team tools to communicate with their team.

For scheduling purposes, we allow you to create unlimited Guest Teams. Guest teams are simply team placeholders that you can include in your schedule.

Home Team Limitations
  • Free - 8
  • Bronze - 10
  • Silver - 30
  • Gold - 150

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Unlimited Members

There is no limit on the number of members for sites that have upgraded to one of our hosting packages.

For the free site we restrict the number of active members on your site to 150.

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Disk Space

Disk space that comes with your site varies depending on the package you choose.

You can upload photos, files, and images to your site, or allow teams to create photo albums.

If you run out of disk space, you can always purchase additional disk space (in 50MB increments) for your site.

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No Ads Displayed on your Site

When you upgrade to one of our hosting packages, the advertisements are removed from your site.

The free site however still has advertisements displayed until you upgrade.

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Domain Name Hosting

We can host your domain name ( and apply it to your site when you upgrade to one of our hosting packages.

If you like, we can host your DNS records at no extra charge, or you can simply point a subdomain of your choice to your site.

If you do not have your own domain name, we offer a custom domain name upgrade you can purchase for your site.

Domain name hosting is only available for upgraded sites, however with a free site you do get your own Teamopolis sub-domain (

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Instant Game/Event Notifications

All members of your site will receive the benefit of e-mail notifications for upcoming events.

Members with a username and password can specify when they would like to be notified of their next game or event (2 hrs before, 24 hrs before, 1 Week before, etc.) , and we will automatically send them an e-mail detailing when and where their next game is, with a link back to the event on your site for more information.

This time-saving feature is a great benefit to parents who have to manage more than one child's schedule.

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Team Attendance E-Mail Notifications

Team administrators will automatically receive notification via e-mail whenever a member from their team updates their attendance for upcoming events.

Team members visiting the site will automatically be asked to update their attendance for their next event and can update their attendance information with a single click.

Its a great feature to easily inform all coaches/captains on your team.

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Team Schedules

When you upgrade to the silver or gold packages, you also get team schedules.

This feature allows teams to create their own schedule for games and practices for their team.

This feature is only available for the Silver or Gold upgrade packages.

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Calendar Integration/Subscribe

The Gold hosting package enables external calendar integration.

With this "Must-Have" feature members can add their schedule to their personal iPhone, Blackberry, Google Calendar, or other calendar program (which supports calendar subscriptions).

Once subscribed, event updates are are automatically updated on everybody's calendar.

This feature is only available for the Gold upgrade package.

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Customize Roster & Player Bios

When you upgrade to the silver or gold packages, you also have the ability to customize the roster and bio pages of your players.

This feature allows choose from all the available data fields (such as name, address, height, weight, etc.) to create a roster that displays the information to suit your needs.

The same also applies for the bio pages for the individual players.

This feature is only available for the Silver or Gold upgrade packages.

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Surveys & Polls

Create surveys on your site to poll your members. Choose from 3 different question types (Single choice, multi-choice, and comment).

Send out surveys via e-mail, and get instant results.

The number of active surveys (or surveys you can have open at the same time) depends on your upgrade type:
  • Bronze - 1 active single-question survey
  • Silver - 5 active single-question surveys
  • Gold - Unlimited active multi-question surveys

Surveys & Polls are not available for free sites.

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We remove the ads when you upgrade your site, and for the Fundraising/Advertising module, we put them back ... however this time you are in control.

With the Fundraising/Advertising module, you have control, and can create text or image ads for your sponsors:
  • Create unlimited side advertisments
  • Upload an image, or enter in text to display
  • Specify the frequency & order of the advertisement (How often to display the ad, and where to position it)
  • Track click-throughs
  • Link the ad to a web site url

This feature is included in the Gold upgrade package, or can be purchased as an upgrade for Bronze or Silver hosting packages.

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You can support multiple sports within your site. For each sport you can setup different scores, stats and standings.

With multi-sports, you can:
  • Create divisions for each sport
  • Have separate standings for each division
  • Enter in game scores & stats for each sport
  • Have an unlimited number of sports on your site

Note: This feature is only available for the gold plan

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Custom Domain Name

Register a unique domain name (such as so people can easily find your site.

Once registered, we will host your DNS records and the domain name will be directly associated with your site.

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E-Mail Redirection Service

We an create e-mail aliases for your domain name ( Any e-mail sent to an address of your choice will be re-routed directly to the inbox of your regular e-mail address.

The benefit of e-mail redirects is you can create an e-mail address without having to expose your real e-mail address to the Internet, and will help to cut down on incoming SPAM e-mail.

This upgrade requires the custom domain name upgrade and is not available for free sites.

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League/Club Website In-Depth Features

Simple to use Web Interface

We provide all the tools necessary for you to administer your site online. There are no file downloads required.

Once you get a username and password, you are in control of how your site works.

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Multiple Users and Profiles

We provide several access levels of users: Each user is required to have a unique user ID and password. Each user can have multiple profiles enabling them to manage players on different teams. This feature is useful for parents who have children on different teams.

League Administrators - League admins have the top level access to the site. Create divisions, teams, and users. You can have one league admin for your site, or as many as you want.

Team Administrators - Team admins have access to create players, send out e-mails to their team, and create a photo album. As a team administrator, once you have updated game and player stats, standings are automatically updated to reflect the new scores.

League Members/Players - Players can update their own profile information, upload a photo, and automatically receive event notifications informing them of their next game.

Officials - A mix of Team Administrator and Player, officials can be assigned to games, and update game stats they officiate.

Visitor - Visitors to your site are able to create their own identity, and update their own profile information.

Parents - Parents don't get a specific access type, however they have access as a League Member in which they would have one profile for each child. Once logged into the site, the parent can easily switch between profiles.

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E-Mail tools save you time

Direct E-mail - Our email tools allow you to easily send e-mail directly to anybody in your league. E-mail messages are sent directly to each recipient, there is no need for them to log in to check messages.

You can send e-mail messages in a variety of ways:
  • To League Admins
  • To Team Admins/Captains/Coaches
  • To Officials
  • An Entire division
  • Selected Teams
  • Selected Individuals
  • Everybody in the League!

There is no need for users to log in to check messages; they simply check their regular e-mail account.

Notify people if an event changes - If you have to make changes to an event (such as date/time, teams, location, cancelled) we can automatically e-mail everybody involved, and let them know what has changed.

E-mail for Team Coaches and Captains - Team administrators can send e-mail to other team admin's, league officials, and of course their entire team.

Game Notifications - With a user login, you can instantly receive game notifications.

E-mail addresses are safe - To protect you from e-mail SPAM, e-mail addresses are never published online. If a visitor wishes to contact a member, we provide a simple online form to facilitate e-mail communication. Once the form has been submitted, an e-mail is sent directly to the recipient care of Teamopolis.

We take utmost care to ensure that e-mail addresses are protected and kept safe from unscrupulous uses. Our goal is to facilitate easy communication through your site while providing assurances that your data is safe with us.

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Professional Templates

We provide several great site designs to choose from.

Each template has its own look and feel. Simply select the template you wish to use and your site is instantly updated.

League Branding - It is your website, choose your template and upload your own banner/logo to give your league a unique website.

Customized Banners - We offer a banner generator to help you create a banner for your league.

Custom Templates - Already have a great website design? We can re-create your existing design into a customized template that has all of the benefits of Teamopolis Leagues.

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Multiple Seasons

Create multiple seasons, and keep a stats archive of past seasons.

Unlimited Season - There are no limit on the number of seasons you can create.

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Schedules and Calendars

Manage all games and schedules in a simple to use event editor. Create divisional and non-divisional games as well as league-wide schedule.

Dynamic Schedules - Schedules are automatically organized for easy viewing based on the division, tournament, or team. Players simply access their team page to view their schedule, or log into the site to view their personal schedule.

Game Information - All events/events listed display the date & time, location, teams. Clicking on the provided links allow access more in-depth information.

Event Wizards - Event wizards allow you to quickly create new events. Create all the events for an entire division all at once.

Importing Events - If you use Excel, or another scheduling tool, you can Import your Schedule into our site.

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Standings and Results

Standings are automatically calculated as the game scores are entered. Standings are season based to allow for easy tabulation.

Multiple Results in a Single Season - Our system can tabulate standings based on the types of events in a single season, allowing you to have standings for both playoffs, and finals.

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Create multiple tournaments. Similar to a division structure, you can create teams and schedules.

You can create tournament teams, and apply them to the tournament so they will not show up in the listing with the other regular season teams.

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Player Statistics and Results

We support multiple player results and statistics for all sports. Your site already comes with stats and standings configured for your sport.
Some of the sports we currently support are:
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Soccer/Football
  • Basketball
  • Football (US)
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Golf
  • Track & Field
  • Cricket
Since there are many different levels within each sport, we can customize the stats and standings to match your leagues scoring and ranking policies.

If your sport is not in the list, contact us for more information.
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League, division, and Team Homepages

Our site offers 3 different levels of homepages. Each page is fully integrated with the data on your site, and offers clear and concise information geared towards the 3 levels:

The following is a summary on the types of information you can display:

League Homepage
  • Logo and welcome blurb
  • League news
  • division/team listing (with links to team homepages)
  • Latest posts in the forum
  • Most popular links
  • Latest photo album
  • Player of the Week/Month
  • Team of the Week/Month
  • Who is currently online
division Homepages
  • division News
  • Next event information
  • Recent event results
  • Schedule & Calendar
  • Team Listing
  • Season Standings
  • Player Stats/Leaders (for the division)
Team Homepages
  • Team News
  • Next event information
  • Recent event results
  • Schedule & Calendar
  • Roster/Player Listing
  • Team Photo Album
  • Player Stats/Leaders (for the team)

With the 3 levels of information, visitors can easily find the information they are looking for.

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Individual Schedules

We also provide a schedule for players that play on multiple teams, or for parents that need to manage more than one child.

Instead of checking home pages of different teams, you can access your own schedule, and it will tell you when and where your upcoming games are taking place.

In addition to your individual schedule, you also get automatic game notifications prior to each event.

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Game scores and stats updates by teams/officials

If your league has trouble updating game scores and stats on time, then get the team captains to do it for you.

We allow team coaches/captains to enter in the game scores and player stats for the games they participate in.

Once all the scores are entered, you can lock the stats to prevent further changes.

You can also allow officials to enter in the scores they officiate as well.

If you would rather enter in the scores yourself, you can turn off this feature as well.

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League & Team Photo Albums

Upload photo and create multiple photo albums for your league.

Large images are automatically resized to fit the page, and thumbnails are instantly generated.

Allow teams to create their own photo album, and display their pictures on their homepage. The latest team photo albums are automatically listed on your front page.

There are no limits to the number pictures or photo albums you can create.

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Page & Menu Editor

Page Editor
Create your own content for your site with our built-in page editor. There is no software to download just log into your site, and create the pages for your site.

Our page editor fully supports both BBCode and HTML.

Menu Editor
Have complete control over your site's menu. By creating as many menu items as you want, you can link the menu to pages you have created, or external links.

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Discussion Forums

A Community Builder
Your site has a fully integrated forum management solution. You can create an online community by allowing your members to post relevant discussions surrounding your club's activities.

Some forum topics may include:
  • Game summaries
  • League & team discussions
  • Sports equipment buy & sell
  • Any topic at all!

You can moderate & monitor forum posts to ensure the discussion always stays on topic.

So you don't miss anything, instant notifications can automatically notify you that a reply has been made to the topic you are watching.

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League, divisional, and Team News

Create news articles for your league and have it displayed on your main page.

Optionally create division-specific news that is relevant only to players within the division.

Provide the ability for Team Coaches/Captains to create news for their own team, and post it within their team homepage section.

Our online news editor allows you to attach photos to individual news items, and fully supports BBCode to allow full creativity for news authors to get the message across.
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Team Attendance

Keeping track of who can attend your next event has never been easier.

Players can log into the site, and indicate whether they can attend or not, and also provide additional comments.

This useful feature allows captains and coaches to quickly determine if they have the numbers for their next game before it is too late.

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Archive your Stats

You can create multiple seasons to help you archive games in the past. Specify the new season as the current seasons, and the stats and standings for the old season can be easily be accessed via the division homepage.
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Schedule & People Imports

Schedule Imports
Upload an Excel or .csv spreadsheet to your site, and instantly create the schedule for all your teams.

We also provide a system ID field so that you can use it to integrate with other scheduling programs. This will allow you to maintain event information on a separate system, then easily update the site with the changes.

People & Player Imports
Upload an Excel or .csv spreadsheet to your site, and instantly create all the players & members for all your teams.

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Schedule & Player Exports

Easily export schedule & event data to MS Excel format.

Export a single roster or all your members to MS Excel format.

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Advanced Online Registration Functions

Memberships Membership registration system to allow administrators or coaches to invite players to purchase membership online.
Roster also includes a "Member" icon identifying current members.
Custom Registrant Data Fields Modify and customize registrant data fields to capture the data you need. Data is automatically linked to participants & exportable to excel.

Registrant Fee Editor Modify & Edit fees for existing registrants. Ideal for missed fees, and staged payments.

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YouTube and Google Video Integration

Upload your game video to YouTube or Google Video, and you can easily embed them into your news, web pages forum posts, or games discussions.

You can add an unlimited number of your youtube or google videos, and it is easy too!

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Adobe Flash

You can incorporate your own Adobe Flash applets into your site as an add-on, or as a custom splash page.

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Special Gold-Hosting-Only Site Features

By upgrading your site to the Gold hosting package, you also get the following great features with your site.
  • Music on your Homepage
  • Advanced page editor functions allowing you to specify page Meta Description, Keywords, and Browser title. Great for SEO!
  • HTML editing capabilities. Advanced web administrators can directly edit pages created in the page editor.
  • Practice & Event Sharing - Teams can give up practice times to other teams.

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Your Own Site Url

With your own league site, you get your own url (
Tell all your members about your own Teamopolis url so they can easily access your site.

Add an additional upgrade to your package, and you can register your own domain name, and have it associated with your site.

If you already have your own domain name, we will associate it to your upgraded site at no additional cost (not available for the free site).

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