How Fees Work

$1 for each participant registered


If a parent registers 3 children, it costs 3 credits (or $3) plus any additional payment processing fees.


2.9% PayPal Processing Fee

When payments are processed through PayPal, they charge a fee to process the payment.
This fee is automatically taken off the registration fee you collect.


$0.30 PayPal Transaction Fee

Paypal also charges a $0.30 fee for every transaction processed.


If a parent pays for all 3 children at once, a transaction fee of $0.30 is applied. If the parent registers and pays for all 3 children separately, then you will be charged $0.90 for the 3 separate transactions.

Low Low Fees

Not only do we pass on the savings to you and your members. But our online registration system is fully integrated with many customizable features to help your registration go as smoothly possible.

Paying Fees

Teamopolis registration credits are pre-purchased before you activate your registration. As people register for your program, credits are simply reduced by the number of particpants registered. When you run out of credits, you simply purchase more credits.

PayPal processing and transaction fees are automatically taken off as you collect a payment.


What are the costs if we do not collect any fees?

It still costs $1 (1 credit) per participant/person registered.

What currency are fees in?

Fees are either in USD or CAD dollars. When collecting registration fees through PayPal, currency conversion is handled by PayPal.

If I refund a registrant, is my fee refunded?

PayPal fees are refunded back to you based on the amount you refund, however Teamopolis fees are not refunded.

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