About Teamopolis

The Beginning

Teamopolis started out in 2002 as a solution to a common problem. How can we communicate more effectively in a sporting environment?

Back in 2001, Marc Zabudsky, a sports enthusiast and entrepreneur, decided with a few of his friends to start a Hockey team together. Everybody was excited to play for the upcoming season. However, the team was doomed to failure ... registration came and went, and because of a lack of communication, the team never signed up, and Marc didn't get to play Hockey that season, and he realized that if they were ever going to play, something had to be done.

A Better Sports Website

Not satisfied with the quality of sports websites available, Marc believed sports teams and leagues deserve a better website experience. And he set about creating an better team website.

Since starting Teamopolis, Marc has been hard at work to create websites that:

  • Improve communication, and encourages participation in sports
  • Are Affordable
  • Assist in managing a team or league
  • Look great!

Providing Great Web Services to Sports Teams and Leagues

Teamopolis is all about providing excellent services, giving them the tools they need to make a great website. Who else is better equipped to tell us what they need than the teams and leagues themselves? We listen carefully to what our customers tell us, and make every effort to give them what they need.

Whats in a Name?

We are often asked how we came up with our name. The answer is quite simple. In sports you generally have 3 components:

  1. Leagues and Organizations
  2. Team and Clubs
  3. and, Individuals

We chose the word Team because it is the common link between all of these 3 components. Polis is taken from the Greek language meaning "Body of Citizens", so putting the two words together, we present to you, a social community of people sharing a common sporting interest online ... Teamopolis!