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It's free and easy. Create a free league/club website and online registration automatically comes with it.

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Set up your Event Online for Registration

Creating your sports registration is done is 7 simple steps. We recommend that you have all of your registration information ready before starting. Things to include are: program and contact information, registration & program dates, fees, and the information/fields you want people to fill in.

Test your Registration

Try out your registration before you go live to make sure everything is setup correctly. There is no charge for registrations in test mode.

Create a PayPal Business Account

Its free to sign-up, and there is no setup fee. Once signed up, update your registration with your PayPal account name.

Click here to sign up for the proper PayPal business account.

Registration Credits

Purchase registration credits for the number of participants registering. If you have un-used credits, you can use them for your next registration.


Sign-up - free, creating registration - free, registration per person - $1 + PayPal fees ($0.30 per transaction + 2.9%). That's all.

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Collecting Fees

Once registration is activated, details are automatically published on the front page of your website so people can register.

Generating Reports & Starting the Season

When registration is complete, export your data to Excel, or simply assign participants directly to teams


Why do I need to sign up for a website?

By signing up for a free website, you create an easy way for people to register plus you get a great league/club website for free.

What if I am not collecting fees?

You have the option of collecting fees or not. However it still costs $1 per participant.

If a parent registers her 3 children, how much does it cost?

It costs 3 registration credits (or $3) plus any PayPal fees.

Why Integtate to PayPal?

With no setup fees and low processing fees, you can save a lot of money with your next registration. PayPal offers a secure payment environment that you can manage yourself, and get your money fast.

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