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Welcome! If you are new to Teamopolis Leagues, this page should help clear up a lot of commonly asked questions.

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Site Design


Game Scores, Statistics and Standings

Scheduling & Game Notifications



Photo Albums

E-Mailing Tools


Site Administration

Site Infastructure

Domain Names


Online Sports Registrations

Signing Up

Site Design

Can we provide links to our sponsor's websites?

We have a web page editor which will allow you to create and edit pages online. You can then easily create a sponsor web page, with images and links to all your sponsors.

Does your site offer just one Template, or can we have a Custom Template?

We have several professional looking web site templates available for your league to choose from.

If you have an existing website template, we can incorporate it into our site so that you would keep the same look, but utilize all functionaility that comes with Teamopolis Leagues.


Is there a limit to the number of teams we can have in the entire organization or an entire league?

Based on your hosting package, the following outlines the number of "Home" teams allowed.

"Home" teams are teams which belong to a division, and have a schedule and mini-site.

The following table outlines the number of teams allowed for each hosting package:

  • Free - 8 Teams
  • Bronze - 10 Teams
  • Silver - 30 Teams
  • Gold - 150 Teams
  • 150+ Teams - Please contact us

How are players and coaches assigned to a team?

We utilize a tiered system for data entry. A Team Setup Wizard is available that allows you to quickly setup many teams for a division. In this wizard you enter in the team name, the name of the coach, and his/her e-mail address. Then an invitation e-mail is sent to the coach inviting him/her to get a login and password. They are then assigned 'Team Admin' permission and are in control of their team. They can then enter in their player's names and e-mail addresses, and in turn an invitation e-mail is sent.

Utilizing this tiered system for data entry is optional; we also have a player wizard for the league admin to quickly enter in player names, and positions.

Can Team Rosters be Displayed?

Teams that are setup for a division have an entire section that is dedicated to them. It is like a home page but within your league website. The team section has the following elements:

  • Team Home page which shows a team photo, team contact info, a website link (if any), and information for the next, last, and recent games (including results)
  • Team Calendar
  • Team Schedule (Listed Games/Events are clickable for more information)
  • Team Roster (Listed players are clickable to display Player Bios)
  • Team Photo Album
  • Team Leaders (Individual Stats Summary)

Do players have their own Bio's?

Yes, if you enter in the e-mail address of your players, then players will get their own login and password.
Once players are logged in, they can upload a picture of themselves and update their bio information.

Game Scores, Statistics and Standings

Can individual statistics be entered and displayed?

Yes, we have the facility to allow coaches to enter in the stats for their players. We can also customized stats if you have particular numbers to track or specialized ways of determining standings etc.

Can team schedules be displayed?

Yes, we do provide team schedules. They are displayed under the team section. We also provide a calendar and schedule for entire divisions. We also have league wide events which are displayed in a separate schedule. An example of a League wide event would be a "Family Fun Day", a day trip, etc.

Can team standings be displayed?

Yes, standings are automatically calculated based on the game scores, and are displayed in the Division Home Page. The division section has the following elements:

  • Division summary page which shows Division News, and information for the next, last, and recent games (including results)
  • Division News page (Shows the current news for the division)
  • Team Listing (Teams listed are clickable links to the team home page)
  • Calendar and Schedule Pages (Similar to the Team Calendar and Schedule)
  • Standings Page

Can team results be entered and displayed? If yes, will the standings be automatically updated?

Yes, standings are automatically updated when game scores are entered, and are displayed under the appropriate division.

Are game scores and stats archived?

Yes, new seasons can easily be created, and we archive all the stats and standings for past seasons.

Can you customize game and player stats?

Depending on the hosting package you choose, we provide standard and professional player stats and game standings. However, if there are special items you need to track or report on, we can provide customized statistics with automatic standings generation.

We have 3 different seasons (Fall, Winter, and Summer) within the year, can your site handle this?

Our site allows you to create as many seasons during the year as you like. Since seasons are just a grouping of games/events, they are mainly used for people to quickly find schedules, and so that the standing can be accurately calculated and tracked.

Can Teams enter in their own game and player stats?

Yes, teams can enter in the game scores as well as stats for their players. Once the stats have been entered into the system, a League Admin can Lock the stats so that teams can no longer make changes.

Can Officials enter in game stats?

Yes, officials can have the ability to enter in game and player stats only for the games/events they are assigned to.

Scheduling & Game Notifications

Do you have an integrated scheduling tool?

Yes we do, we have setup wizards that will help you to quickly setup games, and assign teams, locations, etc. to the create the events and games on your site.

We also have a Round Robin Scheduling Generator you can use to create a schedule as well.

Can we assign officials to games?

Yes, you can assign officials to games. If the official has a login and password, when they log-in, they can view their own schedule and see when and where their next game is. We also provide tools to assist you in assigning officials to games so that you do not double-book officials.

When a game is rescheduled, can an email be automatically sent to team families with the new date?

Yes we can. If all the players e-mail addresses are entered into the system (regardless if they have a login/password), then if there is a change to the game (such as date/time, team change-up, location change, or cancellation), then you have the option to send out an e-mail detailing the changes to all involved parties. You also have the ability to modify the message being sent out as well.

Do you support individual schedules?

Yes, if a player signs up for a login and a password through your site, they will be able to view their own individual schedule and it will tell them when their next game is.

If the player plays belongs to 2 teams, the schedules for both teams would be incorporated into one schedule for the individual.

What information can we provide about Games/Events?

When creating events/games, you can provide a wide vareity of information. You can specify the following information:

  • Event Type (Game, Tournament, Practice, etc.)
  • Event Status (Active, On Hold, Cancelled)
  • Game Start/End Dates
  • Event Division (Used for Standings)
  • Location
  • Teams Involved
  • Officials Involved
  • Event Description/More Information

What additional information can you provide about locations?

When events are displayed, a location link is also displayed to quickly show where the event is to be held. A visitor can click on the location link if he/she wants to find out more information:

  • Location Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website Url
  • Map Url
  • More Information
  • Driving Directions

Do you have tools to notify players of Games?

Yes! All of your members that have a login and password can receive automatic game notifications detailing when and where their next game is. They can also set whether they want to receive this e-mail a week, a day, or a couple of hours in advance of their next game/event.

**This feature is only available for sites that have upgraded to one of our hosting plans (bronze/silver/gold).

Can teams schedule their own events?

Yes, teams can create & update events for their own team.


Do you have discussion forums?

We provide an integrated web forum, so your members and visitors can discuss various topics.
Create top-level discussion topics, and set view/post/edit permissions for members and anonymous posters.

Do you have game discussions?

Yes, game specific discussions are included. A link to a game specific discussion is displayed along side each event for members to easily join in on the discussion.

Also, complete game information is displayed at the top of each discussion.


Can teams track attendance for games?

Yes, players with a login and password can use our attendance feature to indicate if they can attend upcoming games (Yes, No, Maybe).
Players can also attach a message with their attendance selection to let coaches (team administrators) know more details.

Coaches & Team administrators can automatically receive an e-mail when player attendance is updated. (Available only with the Silver & Gold plans)

Photo Albums

Do you have photo albums?

Yes, you can create photo albums for the league/club or for individual teams. If you create a photo album for a team, the team captain/coach can upload their own pictures.

E-Mailing Tools

Will we have the ability to send broadcast emails? If yes, can we direct them to the entire organization, an entire league, or a specific team?

Yes, we have an e-mail tool that will allow you to send an e-mail to:

  • Everyone in the league
  • League Admins
  • Team Admins (Coaches)
  • Team Members (Players)
  • All/Specific Divisions
  • All/Specific Teams
  • Unassigned Members
  • Officials

Will we have the ability to add and display news bulletins? If yes, can they be displayed for the entire organization, an entire league, or a specific team?

You have the ability to create 2 types of news articles/posts: League news or division specific news. Your site visitors also have the ability to see past news articles as well.


Do you support tournaments?

Yes we do support tournaments. Tournaments are treated the same as a division in your league. However, teams in a tournament do not counted towards the overall team count for your hosting package.

Site Administration

What types of site adminstration do you have?

There are 2 types of administrators: League Admins and Team Admins:

  • Leage Admins - Would be somebody in charge of the entire site.
  • Team Admins - Are coaches, captains, team owners, or somebody who is responsible for the online team information.

Can multiple administrators be performing maintenance at the same time?


Is there a limit to the number of site administrators?

There is no limit to the number of site administrators you can have.

Site Infastructure

Is there a size limit to our website?

Depending on the package you choose, we restrict the number of teams, and the amount of disk space for downloads. We currently have 3 hosting packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold with 50,150,500 MB of disk space respectively. We also offer disk space upgrades in 100 MB increments.

We offer a great time saving feature when you upload pictures to the photo album. With our image sizing feature, images are automatically resized when they are uploaded, so that your images are displayed correctly and help you to save disk space.

Is there any regularly scheduled downtime for maintenance?

The site is usually only down for a few minutes for updates, however we generally perform maintenance between 1:00 and 4:00 am EST.

Do you have automatic failover when a hardware failure occurs?

Yes, we have redundant and backup hardware systems in place.

Will you back up our data on a regular basis? If yes, how often?

Data is backed up nightly and off-site.

What if your site does not offer a specific feature we absolutely need?

It never hurts to ask us. Sometimes we can point you in the right direction to quickly help you out. However, if the same feature has been requested by others, then it is worthwhile for us to investigate the possibility of adding the feature.

We understand that the web changes frequently, and Teamopolis has been built upon providing the features and benefits that our members need.

We can also provide custom programming for specific functionality that you may urgently need. Contact us for more information.

Domain Names

We just signed up, what is the address to our site?

Every league that signs up automatically gets the domain:

Can we keep our existing domain name?

If you have ownership of your domain name, then we can host your DNS records for you. We only provide this service for sites that have been upgraded to a hosting package (Gaming, Bronze, Silver or Gold).

Also, if you do have ownership of a domain name, keep in mind you still need pay the yearly domain name registration fee to the registrar you signed up with. This fee is separate from our services.

Can we get our own domain name?

Absolutely! In addition to your very own sub-domain ( you get when you first sign-up, when you upgrade your site, you have the option to purchase the domain name upgrade.

With the domain name upgrade we will register a domain name of your choice (providing that it is publically available, and not for sale) and associate it with your site. When you purchase a domain name, it is a yearly fee, and you will own all the rights to it.

When you purchase a domain name upgrade, you will still be able to access your site using the sub-domain you were initially assigned.


Are Advertisements displayed on our site?

For the free league websites, google ads are displayed on your site.

Upgrading to any hosting package will remove the ads from your site. When you upgrade your site, you have the option to add the Fundraising module which will allow you to create your own ad's for your sponsors.

Do you have an advertising plug-in?

Yes, we offer an advertising/fundraiser module for all upgrade packages. This is an optional extra feature you can subscribe to when you upgrade your site.

The fundraising module allows you to display your own advertisements in place of where the ads are normally displayed. You can display either text ads or images for your sponsors. Most leagues use this feature to display the sponsors of their clubs and leagues.

Do you offer a free trial period? If yes, for how long?

We now offer a free league website to all sign-ups. The site is fully functional except the number of Home teamsis limited to 8 and our side advertisements will be displayed.

A home team is a team within your league that requires its own schedule. You can setup an unlimited number of guest teams.

If you are interested you can sign-up here.

Online Registrations

Does your site offer online registrations?

Yes, we do currently offer online registration for the free and upgraded website.
Here is more information on our Online Sports Registration system.

Signing Up!

I am interested in your league website, what do I do next?

Try out our league/club website for free.

When you first log in, we have several setup wizards to help guide you through the setup process, and you will have your site up and running in no time.

If you are interested in upgrading your site, just click the account link in the admin section of your site to upgrade your site.

After you have upgraded your site to either the Gaming, Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages, your free site will be instantly upgraded.