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Thank you, this site was fantastic!!! Hope to re-join again sometime...

Mt Hamilton Cougars - Soccer

I love the site!

Wareham Boys U18 - Soccer

I have to say, my team site made it very easy to manage my team during my absence and 12,000 miles away. Thanks for a great produt!

East Windsor 7/8 Girl Warriors Lacrosse - Lacrosse

I really like the setup & idea of the website...creative & very professional. Good job!

100 Yards of Football - Football

Love the site!

Falls Jr. Indians Wrestling Club - Wrestling

I've been using this site for the last 2 years and i love it. Thanks.

Ahuntsic Braves - Hockey

I have been receiving many great comments about my team site and teamopolis since we were chosen as team of the month. There are several teams in my league who are considering starting up their own site.

Playaz Hockey Team - Hockey

Thanks again for site. It is a great tool that not enough people take advantage of.

Rionero Womens Soccer Club - Soccer

Great web site, I recommend it to all the coaches I know.

Hawks d'Ahuntsic - Hockey

Love the website...relatively easy to learn to navigate an use.

Rampart Rams Volleyball - Volleyball

I love the site and everything is great

Englehart Bill Mathews Motors Bantams - Hockey

Great job for Teamopolis. It is a great site.

Gladiateurs de Vaudr'Ile - Hockey

Thanks again for having a great site!

Mississauga Chiefs Atom B - Hockey

I'm always impressed with the speed of response AND quality of assistance from Teamopolis to any of my questions - thank you!

Lake Simcoe 1999 Girls - Soccer

Thanks again for your prompt support! Our team is very happy with the teamopolis site and have been using it for 3 years now….I’ve even got managers on other teams and sports using it now! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Richmond Hill Raiders 1998 Girls - Soccer

This is a great site - I tried several others for this little 4-On-4 League that we have but your's was the best by far. I will definately be paying for the upgrade when the regular season starts in September. The fact that your Canadian is a plus as well!

Crazy Canucks Summer 4-ON-4 - Hockey

Great support! Love your service

Britannia Oldtimers Soccer Club - Soccer

I love the site and can't imagine organizing a team without it. Thank you.

Town and Country Rattlers - Baseball

I have been using your services for the past year for our softball team and think they are excellent. I am going to be adding a site for a second softball team soon.

Mass Frenzy Softball Team - Softball

I have subscribed to your site for two years now. I love it and my players and player parents love it as well.

James Mahan, Coach
FC Pittsburg 93/94 Boys Soccer - UK Football

Thanks for being so responsive .... My team loves the website and the service.

Kristopher Twomey, Team Captain
OIC Switchblades Hockey - Summer 2007 Bronze Division Champions - Hockey

Thanks a lot for all your help. Teamopolis is great. I already use it for my son’s hockey team and the soccer team I coach as well as the team I play for. Everyone loves it – the info is at their fingertips, and accessible from anywhere!

Sylvie Rodrique, Team Administrator & Hockey Mom
Copper Cliff Redmen Minor Atom AA - Hockey

The parents players and relatives are giving our site rave reviews so thanks for a nice product ...we're extremely content!

Alan Lee
Franklin Reds Baseball Team - Baseball

Great Site - This site will benefit the team to no end. Thanks!

Danny Campbell
F.C Reedswood Club - UK Football

This site is the best value for money! You can't do better that what they offer ... it may take a few days just to feel your way around the menus then whamo you have a decent website... the privacy and simplicity is very ideal for a kids team website.

I am a happy customer ... Thank-you Teamopolis for making me look good.

Murray Watkins, Webmaster
RUN2XL - Athletics

Your website is awesome!

Not only is your website awesome your customer support is outstanding. Once again thanks for all the help and getting back to me so soon.

Barry Gensemer, Webmaster
Burleson Lady Elks Volleyball Team - Volleyball

You've been a great help and the site is turning out great!

Sal Evola, Coach
Queens Gems Baseball - Baseball

This is a great product thank you very much! I have had a lot of very positive comments from the parents!

Kathy Doughty, Coach
Lightning Cobra B West Lacrosse - Lacrosse

I have had other sports websites in the past but they have proven to be difficult to work with on the administrative side. I now have 3 different websites with Teamopolis and the reason why I have them is the great support I get. Keep up the good work!

Louis 'Pete' Jones, Coach
Sullivan Highschool Girls Track & Field - Track & Field

It has been easy to set up and a dream as far as simplicity goes.

Brad Rodgers, Coach
Georgia Titans Baseball Team - Baseball

We love what you've created. It's flexible enough that it works well for our swim team. (And the surveys are the best part!)

Joe Bellino, Leader
Prince George's Pool Swim Team - Swimming

As always your help is very much appreciated and your professionalism only further makes me happy with my decision to use Teamopolis.

James Kim, Captain
Sudden Death Hockey - Hockey

I would highly recommend your site to anyone - your tech support staff has been incredibly helpful with and immediately responsive to all questions and problems.

Bonnie Adams, Parent
Bellarmine College Prep Wrestling - Wrestling

Everything was great....Thanks.

Brampton Bantam Snipers - Hockey
(Season has ended)

The site was great but we are done for season and teams change every year.

Neelcon - Ringette
(Season has ended)

Great site! Season is done, no longer need site.

Valley Gardens Stars 14A3 - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great site and services!

Aurora Panthers Midget BB - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great Site.. Thank you

Barrie Shark Peewee - Killer Bee's - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great Site... Thank you for the Season.

BWHA Peewee DS - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Seasons over, will be back next year.

Aldergrove Canucks - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Sorry, seasons over, will be back next year!

Aldergrove Optimus Primes H1 - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Thank you for another amazing year of keeping our team organized. See you in August.

Minor Bantam Ajax Pickering Raiders - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Love this site, I used it 2 seasons in a row .. Seasons over now, will be back next season!

Aldergrove Snipers - Hockey
(Season has ended)

2nd year in a row I've used this site for a couple of the teams I manage...season is over...I'll be back next year!

Aldergrove Warriors - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great sites, I've moved my orders to a new team. Thanks!

Delta Islanders Bantam B - Hockey
(Season has ended)


Wheatland Ducks 11U Green - Baseball
(Season has ended)

This is my third year of using this site to manage my little league team, and I've been very happy thus far.

Hopkinton Diamondbacks - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Great site. Will use it if i coach again.

Coach K Soccer - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Love it. Just changed team name so creating a new site.

Oklahoma Firecats - Softball
(Season has ended)


Buffalo Gap Marching Bison - Marching
(Season has ended)

Thanks for the great years, the new coaches are not using it.

Buffalo Gap High School Girls Soccer - Soccer
(Season has ended)

It was a great site

National Street Racing Association - Racing
(Season has ended)

It's a great site

New Orleans Hornets - Basketball
(Season has ended)

Site is great, the team is no longer.

Valley Elite Major Novice 02 - Hockey
(Season has ended)

This site is amazing

MSO Icebergs - Hockey
(Season has ended)

It was great!

Barrie Sharks PeeWee AA - Hockey
(Season has ended)

The site worked very well for the team. Kept everyone informed and was easy to manage - I am not great with computers and never set up a website before but it was so easy - loved it.

Ajax Knights Minor Peewee Select - Hockey
(Season has ended)

No longer involved with team or associated league ... Teamopolis has been a valuable asset for managing and will continue using with other organizations involved in. Thank-you

RI Saints Squirt Major AAA - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Thank-you for the free site.

American Spirit FC - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Season over. Thanks for a great web tool for our hockey season.

Novice AAA Zone - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Excellent site and services. Will be opening another team page with teamopolis with another association.

Sean, Coach
Brantford Ice Cats Atom C - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great job...will be back next season

Ajax Pickering Raiders Peewee AAA - Hockey
(Season has ended)

No longer needed, but very useful.

Pickering Panthers Minor Atom "A" - Hockey
(Season has ended)

The season came to an end. Great site. Thanks

Ajax Knights Peewee AA - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Thank-you for providing this service, it was a great help this year for myself as a first time coach.

Southside Stingers - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great website. Team is no longer together.

Minuteman Flames 2002 AA - Hockey
(Season has ended)

I'm only closing the site as the seaon is over....I will be back in September when we start the season again!

Aldergrove Warriors - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Good support and easy to maintain. Season is over so site not required anymore. Thanks

Halifax Sharks - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Excellent site, season is over.

Windsor F.C. Nationals 96s - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Great site. Season complete. Will definitely use the site again.

Gateway Signs - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Thank you!

BIG WELL - Hockey
(Season has ended)

I used this website and loved it. I paid for the upgraded version.

Blue Dolphins - Soccer
(Season has ended)

An excellent tool but the 2010 / 2011 coaching staff decided to try their own hand at a website. I'll be back if given the opportunity. Thanks.

Ajax Knights Peewee 'A' - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great site, team no longer exists

Adobe Gilas Redcoats - Softball
(Season has ended)

Love this site...

Catonsville Lacrosse Club Midget B - Lacrosse
(Season has ended)

It was just a trial, but it was great!

Fort Mill Flames - Basketball
(Season has ended)

We were pleased to be with you. We made a new site for this year's new team.

Rapides U11-FA - Hockey
(Season has ended)

What a beautiful concept for a team site. If I need another site in a next time, I will use your service for sure.

Les Rapides U11FAA - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great site, thank you, opened new team account.

SMHA Blue Devils Novice Houseleague - Hockey
(Season has ended)

I have created a new account from scratch! Your service is fantastic and I have highly recommeded to other team managers!

BDO Dunwoody Midget Chiefs Lacrosse - Lacrosse
(Season has ended)

Great asset to help me manage the team. Thanks see you next year.

FDSA U14 DIV 1 Boys - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Great site. Team no longer exists.

(Season has ended)

Thanks for quick response. Your website and service is truly awesome.

Stirling Blues Atom A 2010/2011 - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Site worked great but 3on3 season is over ... looking forward to next year.

The Wolverines - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Site worked great and I am in the process of setting up my sons 2010/2011 team.

Atom A Barons - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great site, team no longer exists

Subway - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Your site was very useful and I will use it again

2010 Brampton Braves - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Thanks for a great way to communicate with our players! We still have our sites running for our hockey teams!!!

Stillars Plumbing and Heating - Soccer
(Season has ended)

End of season. Thanks for your support

Pembroke U10 Strikers - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Thank you so much! We love our Teamopolis web site!

Allatoona Buccaneers JV Baseball - Baseball
(Season has ended)

The web service was good.

Coach P.
Johnny Mac Thunder 15U Baseball - Baseball
(Season has ended)

It was a great site. A volunteer wanted to create a custom website for us. Thank you for your service.

Golden Valley Swim Team - Swim Team
(Season has ended)

Site was very helpful. I have set up a new site for this season

Oklahoma Sooners - 3rd Grade West - Football
(Season has ended)

Good Work!

Coach Olivia
INTENSITY Softball Team - Softball
(Season has ended)

Great year for the LAZERS!

Pembroke Lazers - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great site.

Bham Hooligans - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Good site, no longer coach.

Blackhawk Christian Tennis - Tennis
(Season has ended)

The site worked great!

Knightdale Thunder - Softball
(Season has ended)

Great site and very easy to use. We only used it during our little league juniors season, if we have a team this summer I will definitely use your site again. Thanks keep up the great work.

Cubs - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Loved the site ... team no longer exists

Utah Soccer Alliance U-18 Premier - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Thank you!!! Great Team Asset

(Season has ended)

Good site, using for another team now.

Hickman High School Boys Basketball - Basketball
(Season has ended)

I loved using your service and will us it in the future for my kids other sports.

Hamilton Reps Minor Atom - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Not in charge any more, but great site, thanks!

College of Southern Nevada - Softball
(Season has ended)

Like the site - no longer coaching this team....will be back with another and possibly have a premium site. Thanks

Strykers - Soccer
(Season has ended)

This is an awesome idea. I didn't find you until the end of the season. I have setup a new website for my volleyball team. :) Thanks

Owens I Rebels - Softball
(Season has ended)

Our year is over, so it is time to go! Love this site, is my second year using it!

Pembroke Pee-Wee Kings - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Great site and I will use again. Team folded

KC Royals - Baseball
(Season has ended)


Flixton Athletic FC - UK Football
(Season has ended)

Great site creator. Thanks.

Kirkfield Westwood Ice Breakers - Ringette
(Season has ended)

No issues at all. When we need to reestablish we will definitely use Teamopolis, it is the BEST and I love it!!!! Thank you we will be back!

Virginia Beach Red Sox - Hockey
(Season has ended)

End of Season. Many thanks. A great tool.

Stittsville Redmen Roadkill - Hockey
(Season has ended)

The team loved the site, I will probably set up another one this upcoming season year for our new team.

Brampton Intra-City Minor Atom Spitfires - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Your website is FANTASTIC!!! The team has folded. Thank you for allowing me to showcase my team to the world. I will have a different team that I will sponsor myself next year.

Fieldhouse Elite Orange 2011 Kings Court - Basketball
(Season has ended)

Great place for web site thanks!

Bud Light Mullets - Hockey
(Season has ended)

We liked your site and will recommend it to our team for the summer.

Nepean Storm Boys U11 - Soccer
(Season has ended)

This site has been great - We have moved on to another team and organization - we will be back.

Lightning Girls U-13 White - Soccer
(Season has ended)

The site was great!

Roseville Zoom - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Thanks for the feedback! You guys provide an extremely flexible framewok for building team websites. Great product and service!

Southern Maryland Hoopsters - Basketball
(Season has ended)

I used the site for our hockey team and is a great site thank-you!

G & P Welding - Hockey
(Season has ended)

The site is very nice!

Montgomery Predators - Paintball
(Season has ended)

Just wanted to let you know that my term is up as the Secretary of the Parents Club and Webmaster of the Website. I SO much appreciated all of your help in getting the site set up. The parents team, and coaches LOVE it!

Theresa, Outgoing Webmaster
Hilliard Davidson Boys Cross Country - Track & Field
(Season has ended)

I want to compliment you on the support. every time I send a question I get a fast and helpful reply.

The Albany Braves of the CDMSBL - Baseball
(Season has ended)

The site was very useful and thank you.

Citadel Phoenix - Volleyball
(Season has ended)

Great Product....I've conviced others to use it.

Chargers - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Site is great - will do it again in the spring

Longwood Babe Ruth Softball 6u Sunbirds - Softball
(Season has ended)

Great site ... will sign up again next season

Stoney Creek Pillers Timbits - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Site no longer required - however this is an excellent site and I will be opening a new account for my daughters hockey team.
Thanks again

Golden Jiggley Puffs - Soccer
(Season has ended)

The new season is starting so new teams are forming. I enjoy your site immensely and have used it for two of my son's teams in 2007-08. He will be assigned to a new team next week and I will start a new site with Teamopolis then. Keep up the good work.

R. Simons
St. James Wings 3 on 3 Bantam Div (Reebok) - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Teamopolis was a great resource & communication to our players thanks for your service.

SYSA Rockets - Pony - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Thank you again for all your support. I find your website enjoyable to use and most convenient for the team.

Semi Bantam C-5 - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Thanks for a great site.

Mississauga Novice Chiefs - Hockey
(Season has ended)

This is a great site to use as a communication tool for any team.

Barons Baseball - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Thanks will use again

Pembroke U 10 - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Great site!

Georgina Blaze Atom AA - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Thanks ! Site is awesome.

Coach Kevin, Coach
Naperville Little League Braves & Wheatland Ducks 12 U White - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Team is finished... site was a great tool and the kids really enjoyed it.

Coach Shane
Firehawks - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Our Middle School hockey team's website has been hosted by Teamopolis for two years. The website design tools were easy to use and very flexible. The templates allow you to get a site up and running quickly. Performance reliability, and support have been great.

Tony Fong, Parent/Site Administrator
Norton Lancers Hockey - Hockey
(Season has ended)

I just set up my team's web site using Teamopolis. Already several members of our team have logged on and have commented on how great the site looks. Thank you for a wonderful product. This is actually the 2nd team that I have used Teamopolis web sites for.

Carol Dzurenko
Oregon Park 12U Dawgs Travel Team - Baseball
(Season has ended)

Great team site. This worked extremely well for us this year and parents all used the site regularly for schedules information files, etc. Thanks!

Kevin Brown
Colorado Sharks Hockey Team - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Your service is great and could be used for many other purposes. For instance community groups school organizations, etc. Everyone with a low budget is looking for a cheap way to stay in touch with their members!

Annie Hausfeld
Bustos Ultimates 16U Fastpitch Team - Fastpitch
(Season has ended)

I love how easy it is to use your website.
I will highly recommend your site to others.

Robert Goad, President
Manchester Athletic Association - Athletics
(Season has ended)

Your site is awesome and all our parents players and especially us coaches love it!

Scott Ball
Kingsport Indians Baseball Team - Baseball
(Season has ended)

I'm excited to learn more about building the website for our cross country team ...What a great product you have to offer!

This will certainly improve communication with our runners parents and coaches by posting schedules coach handouts, and directions to the meets!

Theresa Paris, Parent
Hilliard Davidson Boys Cross Country Team - Cross Country
(Season has ended)

This has been a GREAT asset to our team...The season is over and a new team is now setup with Teamopolis!

Thanks for the great site... so easy to setup and maintain for the entire team!

Atom's Coach
Ajax Atom AE Hockey Team - Hockey
(Season has ended)

This is a fantastic site and the team is loving it! I'm passing on the word to friends who have done web pages for their teams in the past!

Thanks again for all your help and the great customer service!

Nick Nitsopoulos, Team Administrator
Aurora Tigers Hockey Team - Hockey
(Season has ended)

Teamopolis is great. They are very flexible to work with and they give superfast assistance. I've never made a website before and this was so easy. They even have stats calculated surveys for polling parents downloadable and customizable rosters and

Young Lee, Team Manager
2007 Whitby Chiefs Minor Peewee Tier 2 - Baseball
(Season has ended)

I'm really enjoying getting our site up and running and the ease of which you make it is great even for a complete beginner like me.

Isabella Knight, Coach
Jason Euell Football Club - Football
(Season has ended)

You guys have done a great job on your team site. It's easy to admin and really simple to customize. This will create a great bridge to enable our 3 teams to communicate and collaborate ... thanks again for the great web app!

Dave Gallagher, Team Manager
INRGY Brentwood Soccer Club - Soccer
(Season has ended)

Thanks again for the great support...I'm loving Teamopolis so far!

Ellen Stamper, Team Manager
Club X Crush U11 Boys Soccer Team - Soccer
(Season has ended)

The kids love our site! With our busy schedule the kids check our site at school to know when they need to show up for the next game or practice. Parents love it too because they can keep on top of things -

Jon Campbell, Head Coach
Oshawa Carlos Electric Generals - AAA Minor Hockey
(Season has ended)

Instead of spending all my time and energy calling every player to tell them about a cancellation Teamopolis allows me post the information on our web site and automatically sends out an e-mail to everyone. We will definitely be back to Teamopolis for baseball this summer. It is a very popular addition to our team.

Graham Cocking, Team Manager
Red Snappers Softball Team - Softball
(Season has ended)

It used to take me hours to manually update my old site but now Teamopolis does all the work for me.

Kevin MacLeod, Team Captain
Band on the Run - Ultimate Frisbee
(Season has ended)