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Team Website Feature Free Site Ads-Free Upgrade Pro Upgrade
Free iPhone App
Calendars and Schedules
Game results, standings and statistics
E-mail Messaging
Team Roster
Player Bios
Photo Album
Team Color Templates
Your own Teamopolis Url
Page Editor
Menu Editor
Free Sports Directory Listing
Disk Space 5MB 30MB 75MB
Support2 E-mail
5 days
3 days
Phone & E-mail
Priority Support
Advanced E-mail Functions
Advanced Photo Album
Attendance E-mail Notifications Yes Enhanced
Custom Site Colors
Team Reports & MS Excel downloads
More Players, Locations and Opponents
Customizable Roster and Player Bio's
More Active Surveys 5 Unlimited
SMS Text Messages
Survey Permissions
Sponsor/Advertising/Fundraising Upgrade
Page Editor Extras
Team Lineups
Forum Post Notifications
FREE $ 34.95/yr $ 59.95/yr

Team Website Additional Upgrade Pricing1

Additional Upgrade Free Site Ads-Free Upgrade Pro
20MB Diskspace Add-On $ 9.95/yr $ 9.95/yr $ 9.95/yr
Automatic Event Notification Service - 20 Members $ 39.95/yr $ 39.95/yr $ 39.95/yr
Automatic Event Notification Service - 1 Extra Member3 $ 1.00 ea/yr $ 1.00 ea/yr $ 1.00 ea/yr
Domain Name Add-On4 $ 14.95/yr $ 14.95/yr $ 14.95/yr
E-mail Redirect Add-On5 $ 3.95 ea/yr $ 3.95 ea/yr $ 3.95 ea/yr

1 All prices quoted per year in CAD/USD funds.
2 Refers to business days only. Weekends and holidays are not included. Emergencies are monitored and addressed at our discretion.
3 Extra member notification service requires the Automatic Event Notification Service.
4 Custom domain names are only available for new or renewal domains. Sorry, but we don't transfer existing domains from other registrars.
5 E-mail redirects require the custom domain name upgrade.