Sports Team Website Features In-Depth

Learn more about our sports team website features:

 Free Team Website

The free sports team website gives you everything you need to get started with a website for your team.
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The "Ads-Free!" upgrade is for teams that want more control and better features to help them communicate with their team.
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The Pro upgrade is for teams that want to have it all!
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 Features that come with the FREE team website

  • Calendars & Schedules

    · When you create an event on the site, it is automatically displayed in the calendar and schedule.
    · You can display the calendar on the main page, or on a separate page.

    Team Website Ads-Free Upgrade  Notify your team via e-mail for game/practice changes
    Team Website Pro Upgrade  Enhanced SMS Notifications.
  • Game results, standings & statistics

    · You can enter in game scores specific to your sport. We have a wide variety of sports stats available.
    · Comprehensive stats display summaries per player and are sortable.

  • Team Rosters & Player Bios

    · Enter in your player information into the site and roster is automatically updated.
    · Optionally upload a photo, or enter in a Bio's for your players.

  • Site Templates & Colors

    Choose a professional looking template & color scheme to match your team colors. We have many varieties in all of the popular team colors.

    Team Website Ads-Free Upgrade  Want more artistic control? Create your own custom color schemes
  • Free Sports Team iPhone App

    Download the Teamopolis Sports iPhone App

    Keep in touch with your team on the go. Find out more!

  • Photo Album

    Upload your photos to the site, and they are automatically added to the photo album.

    Team Website Ads-Free Upgrade  Organize your photos and create mutiple photo albums
  • Surveys & Polls

    · Create a survey and instantly send out a polling e-mail to all your members to get results quickly.
    · Results automatically updated and displayed directly on the site.
    · Very useful to see who can make it to your next practice.

    Team Website Pro Upgrade  Unlimited active surveys.
  • Attendance

    · Track member attendance for each event.
    · Results are automatically summarized and displayed for admin.

    Team Website Pro Upgrade  Enhanced notifications.
  • Discussion Forums

    · Create topics, engage in in-depth discussion, or even sell your old used equipment stuff.

  • E-Mail Tools

    · Instantly send e-mail & messages to everybody on the team.

    Team Website Ads-Free Upgrade  Get more e-mail functionality by sending messages to specific members, positions, or lines.
    Team Website Pro Upgrade  Send Text/SMS messages at the same time.
  • Automatic Event E-mail Notifications

    · Automatically receive e-mail letting you know about your next game/practice/event. (Fees extra)
    · Learn More

  • Your Own Url!

    · Every site has its own URL based on your admin login (
    · Easy for players to remember how to get to your site.

  • Page & Menu Editor

    · Create your own content and pages using the forum editor.
    · Use the menu editor to add links, disable pages, and password protect pages.

  • Listing in our Sports Directory

    · Your site is automatically listed in our sports directory when you first register.
    · Update your information as required.

  • 5 MB Disk Space

    Get 5 MB of disk space for your site. You can upload pictures, files, and also put music on your main page.

    Team Website Ads-Free Upgrade  Get more disk space to upload even more pictures and files

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Features that come with the "Ads-Free!" Upgrade

You get everything that comes with the Free Team Website, plus the following great features:

  • No Ads!

    · We remove the google ads from your site, and they will no longer be displayed.

  • 30 MB Diskspace

    · We upgrade your site to 30MB of disk space. This means more pictures, and files you can upload.

  • Advanced Photo Album

    · Create multiple photo albums to organize your pictures.
    · You can also add a slideshow of your photos to your main page.

  • More Surveys

    · Increase the number of active surveys to 5.
    · Receive an e-mail notification when somebody votes in a survey.

  • Attendance Notifications

    · Receive e-mail notification when somebody can't make it.
    · Change notification settings to meet your needs.

  • Customizable Site Colors

    · Create a unique site that incorporates your team colors
    · For more control, you can change fonts, and colors for all aspects of your site
    · Colorize the calendar & schedule (ie Practices=Green or Games=Red, etc.)

  • Advanced E-mail Functions

    · Send out e-mail to specific individuals on the team
    · Notify everybody involved when an event changes (ie practice is canceled)
    · Survey notifications. Get an e-mail when somebody votes in a survey.

  • Team Reports & Excel Downloads

    · Create players,events,opponents, or location reports
    · Export & download reports to MS Excel
    · Allow calendar export (for Google Calendar, or other iCal programs)

  • Custom Roster & Bio

    · Specify the fields you want to display on the roster or player bio
    · Allow players to download roster to Excel

  • Custom Standings

    · Choose the fields you want to display on the standings
    · Add up to 5 custom fields
    · Or specify a url, and display it directly on your site

  • More Players, Locations, & Opponents

    Free site limits are removed*

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Features that come with the "Pro" Upgrade

You get everything that comes with the Ads-Free Upgrade, plus the following great features:

  • 75 MB Diskspace

    · We upgrade your site to 75MB of disk space. This means more pictures, and files you can upload.

  • Send Text/SMS Messages

    · Send SMS and e-mail messages at the same time.
    · Notify members via SMS of game/practice updates.

  • Unlimited Surveys & Permissions

    · Have as many active surveys as you want.
    · Create surveys for specific members.

  • Sponsor/Fundraising Advertisements

    · Create your own ads on the site. Use this space to promote your own sponsors or links.
    · Create ads on the right,left,top and bottom side of all pages.
    · Text/Image or HTML ads!
    · Earn $$$ for your Team and put your own Google Ads
    · Use HTML Ads to display custom Widgets on your site

  • Page Editor Extras

    · Ability to edit page Meta Tags (Browser Title, Keywords,Description). Great for SEO.
    · Edit HTML. For advanced users with custom needs.

  • Team Lineups for Events

    · Specify positions for players before the event.
    · Currently only available for Hockey, Lacrosse, Field Hockey & Ringette. (Contact us if your sport is not listed here)

  • Forum Post Notifications

    · Members can watch topics for new posts.
    · Notifcations are sent via e-mail

  • Attendance Notifications & Settings

    · Allow all members to view attendance results.
    · Enable other members to receive attendance e-mail notifications

 Additional upgrades for your team website

Choose which upgrade you would like to add with your team website. All upgrades listed here can be purchased for either the free or Ads-Free! team website.

  • 20-MB Disk Space Add-On

    Increase the amount of disk space you get on your site:

    • Add more Pictures
    • Add music to your home page
    • Upload more files and documents
  • Automatic Event Notifications

    Automatically receive e-mail notification of events in advance:

    • Date/Time
    • Opponent
    • Location

    Individual & Team (20-Member) upgrades available.

  • Domain Name Add-On

    Own your very own domain name (ie and have it directly linked to your site:

    • Have people find your site more easily
    • If you change website hosts, you can take your domain name with you.
    • Choose from .com, .net, .org domains

    **Only available for new or renewal domains. Sorry, but we don't transfer existing domains**

  • E-mail Redirect Add-On

    Create one email address for your domain (, and we will re-direct incoming e-mail to any single e-mail address you want.

    • Create an e-mail address for every coach on your team
    • Create a generic e-mail address like
    • Hide your personal e-mail address from SPAM

    **This upgrade requires the domain name upgrade**

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*In order to prevent abuse, there are some limitations on usage. Please contact us for more information.