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Benefits of using our Team Website

A Teamopolis Team Website can help your team be at the top of its game:

  • Your web site can be customized to your team's needs and wants.
  • Our sites are professional. Even our free sites are not cluttered with unnecessary ads.
  • Fully Functional. The free site has everything you need to get started.
  • We help you save money. We costs much less than typical web hosting alone.

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Compare for yourself. Here are the top reasons why Teamopolis is best for your team:

Team Site
Teamopolis Features Teamopolis advantage to you
Setup Learning HTML can take hours of your time Teamopolis has site setup wizards to get your site running in minutes Saves you time AND money

Calendars Elaborate calendars take lots of time to create We provide an online interface to easily add/edit events Expands your reach to players

Team Roster Create a list of team players, with minimal information Complete team integration, with player logins You get professional features such as Stats/Bio's/Surveys/Forums

Messages E-Mail through your e-mail client, make sure nobody has been missed Update team news on the site, or send it as a message to all players Players are always informed

Surveys Send an e-mail to all team players, and manually keep track of who responds Surveys are automatically sent to all players, with one-click voting No waiting to have results tabulated

Photos Re-size images, create thumbnails, and upload to your site Simply upload your image, and it is automatically added to the photo album You save time!

Team Colors Color images and text on every web page Choose your team colors, and your site is instantly updated Greater flexibility over how your site looks

Discussion Forum Utilize a 3rd party forum, or make your own Built-in forum, you specify the topics Player integration and logins

Statistics As you play the games, every statistic needs to be updated We provide comprehensive stats for your sport, with detailed reports Game and player updates are quick and simple

Fees Over US$120 per year
FREE! Can't go wrong with Free!
  (approx. US$10.00 per month)   Professional Site US$29.95 per year

Minimum Deposit to Start Set-up fees, and yearly contracts None