Team Website of the Month

We like to recognize teams that have worked hard to provide their members with a great functioning website. Teams that are recoginzed as our Team of the Month have all gone above and beyond the call of duty, and this is our way spotlight their accomplishments, and showcase the best of the best. Good work everyone!

Also check out the latest leagues/club of the month.

April 2014

Edmonton Strikers (U16 Girls)

The Edmonton Strikers Soccer Club has been running since 1998 hosing the U16 Girls team. They play high level soccer and encourage the best in all of their members. This was evident in their last season because they were extremely successful as they took home the gold medal! Congrats, ladies. Check out their great looking site.

March 2014

Bulldogs Travel Baseball

The Bulldogs are a team that proudly promote self-esteem building and never giving up. The videos that they display are a very helpful and wonderful addition to their website, and the effort that the team puts in is excellent. Check them out, and congratulations to the Bulldogs!

Fall 2011

Brampton Battalion Bantam A

Webmaster Don's creativity has been pushing the limits of his Teamopolis website. His hard work has definitely paid off because the parents and coaches love it and over the last 2 months they have had over 2000 views!

September 2011

Brickie Football

Brickie Football is September's site of the month. With so much customization done on their site, Webmaster Gloria feels really great about how far its come in such a short time. They were able to win several prestigeous awards by integrating multiple social media channels and leverage their awesome fan base.

August 2011

Playaz Hockey Team

Webmaster Don is a true hockey enthusiast. He has created many awesome Teamopolis websites and we applaud his continued effort to spread the hockey love. Great work Don!

July 2011

Club X Soccer

Located in Xenia OH, Club X Soccer has a great site with tons of information which is always kept up to date by their webmaster Steve.
Congrats on the Great Site!

June 2011

Waverly High School Soccer

Waverly is a high school team in rural southern Ohio. The entire soccer community loves the site and multiple surrounding schools have commented on how they wish they could have something similar!

April 2011

Long Island Wolfpack Hockey Team

The Long Island Wolfpack hockey team have put alot of time and effort into their website and it looks great!

March 2011

Hollister Major Mets Baseball

The Hollister Major Mets have a cool color scheme and are gearing up for their opening day. Great site!

Winter 2011

Glasgow Chiefs Ice Hockey Team

The Glasgow Chiefs have an awesome looking site, check them out!

Summer 2009

Boulder Green Sox baseball

The Boulder Green Sox baseball team is well into their 2009 season. Site administrator are proud to make the Boulder Green Sox team our Team of the Month.

Winter 2009

Sullivan Track & Field

This month we would like to recognize a dedicated Teamopolis veteran Louis "Pete" Jones of Sullivan Track & Field.

Over 70 years old, Louis has done an awesome job with the Sullivan Track & Field club in his spare time. With the start of their 2009 season just days away, we wish you all the best.

Fall 2008

Moosic Raiders Football Team

Our first reaction when visiting the Moosic Raiders Football team website was It's Amazing!

This very impressive site incorporates a great animation and photos to really get their players pumped to the sound of Fox sports.

Best of luck Raiders with your season, we're rooting for you!

Winter 2008

Bushley Amateur Swimming Club

The Bushley Amateur Swimming Club website continues to grow in popularity.

Webmaster Kevin always keeps the calendar up-to-date with tons of content, and an awesome page design. The BASC site has become a great resource for their members and community.

Thanks goes to Coach Derek Swannick, Kevin and the BASC club for all their efforts!

Winter 2007

Olympia Titans Soccer Club

The Titans are back for a second season with Teamopolis.

With both varsity and junior varsity rosters, the Titans continue to dominate each game.

The junior varsity team has an impressive 4-0 winning streak shutting out the competition and the equally impressive varsity team currently has 4 wins (2 shutouts) and 2 ties thus far.
Great work guys!

Thanks goes to John Gasset and Coaching Team for all their work.

Fall 2007

Beach City Lightning Hockey Team

Just starting their season the Beach City Lightning Hockey team are pulling strong with some encouraging words from Coach Elliot to help the boys improve their game this season. Focus and discipline will be the key to their success.

Best of luck with your upcoming season, and thanks goes to Dale Qualye for all his efforts creating a great site.


May 2007

Club X Soccer Club

Steve Fogle has been working hard to provide an informative site for his members of the Club X Soccer Club. Steve also maintains the Club X Lightning Website.

Awesome Site!