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What is "Online League Management"?

League Management is a term used to refer to the means of effective communication. With a well managed sports league, everybody knows what is going on. To be really effective at league management, conveners rely on essential tools to help do their jobs. The Teamopolis Leagues method of managing your league enables organizers to save time and money by allowing our site to do the work for them.

No web experience necessary - Save Time through online updates!

When games are cancelled or online schedules are updated, we instantly notify everybody on the teams. Captains/Coaches no longer need to worry about contacting every player on their team individually. With a team main page, players can see when and where their next game is.

Get your League Organized

Are your players well informed? Would you like to reduce your workload and communicate directly to everyone? Typically leagues post downloadable schedules on their website. But if things change, everybody needs to download again. "Teamopolis Leagues" introduces interactive online schedules and offers a way for everybody to easily keep up to date.

According to recent studies, "As the Internet gains widespread acceptance throughout the world, people's dependance on the internet will grow", so it is essential for all sports leagues and teams to have an online presence or meeting place in order to function in today's world.

A sports league website with Teamopolis Leagues gives you, the league organizer, the ability to connect teams, coaches, captains, players, parents, and fans all in one place while effectively managing your league. Teamopolis Leagues saves you time by eliminating phone calls you would normally make to get the word out. If you would like get the important information out fast and save money in the process consider a website with Teamopolis Leagues and see why thousands of Leagues and Teams have already chosen "Teamopolis" to help organize your league.

Teamopolis Leagues Features

Communicate directly to everyone - With your own website.
Keep players informed of games
Affordable - Get up and running with a free website, or upgrade for just pennies per player
Reduce your workload - Coaches and team captains can update game stats themselves - Standings are automatically updated!
24/7 online access to update scores or game cancellations
Quick Setup - Easy-to-use setup wizards for creating new teams and events - Coaches can create their own players and bios
Easy-to-Update - Simple browser interface allows you to easily update game information online.
Professional Site Templates - Or we can create a unique look and feel for your league

Online Sports League Management
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Advantages of the "Online League Management" Method

Inexpensive - With tight budgets, smaller leagues can get a running start with a free league website, Teamopolis Leagues offers you a "free" way to quickly get your league online
Communicate Faster - Since we notify everybody of upcoming games, there is no extra work for you to do. Need to cancel a game? We let everybody know instantly
Exposure - Teamopolis Leagues allows you to easily promote your league, and provide valuable information to interested teams and players for the upcoming season.
Total Control - Schedule games and events or create your own pages when it is convenient for you, manage your teams from the comfort of your own home 24/7. With a Teamopolis Leagues website you are in total control.

Who knows your league better than you? ... the conveners, organizers and managers.

You are the most knowledgeable, motivated organizer for your league. We will provide you with access to all of the tools and support you need to help manage your league and teams for just pennies per player.

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April 2014

City Of Ottawa Ringette Association

CORA are running an awesome website! Offering great pictures and lots of information for parents and players, their site is easy to navigate and explore. Be sure to check out all of their tips, videos, and volunteer opportunities. Wishing them all the luck in their upcoming season, congratulations to the City of Ottawa Ringette Association!

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