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What's Teamopolis Leagues?
Organize my league
Keep everybody informed
Track your season
Instant communication
Increase participation
Easy to use
An affordable solution
Additional offerings
Get it for free
We give you all the functionality!
Already have a website? We combine the way your existing site looks, and give you all of our functionality!

We Support Domain Names
If you already have a registered domain name (, we can easily link it to your Teamopolis Leagues site, and the transition will be seamless!

Do Away with Hosting Fees!
If you already have a site, chances are you have to pay somebody to update and maintain your site, and additionally pay for hosting fees. Teamopolis Leagues offers a site with all the functionality, so you can make updates yourselves, and lower your costs.

Custom Stats
We already provide a wide range of professional and regular stats, however if there is something particular your league tracks, we can do it!

Need some additional functionality? Our professional programmers can build onto your site, and accomodate your needs!

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