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What's Teamopolis Leagues?
Organize my league
Keep everybody informed
Track your season
Instant communication
Increase participation
Easy to use
An affordable solution
Additional offerings
Get it for free
Save Time, Save Money!
Because we only cost pennies per player, we not only give you the best league management solution, we give you a great website!

Give your teams what they want!
Today's players need more than what traditional sports offer. You can fuel this need by allowing players to live the sport off the field as well.

We enable leagues to provide the players with the features they have been asking for, easily and affordably!


Plus much much more...

E-Mail notifications
  • We automatically send out e-mails letting players know when their next game is.

  • User Schedules
  • Members of your league get a login and password, and can see their own schedule. Multiple profiles allow parents to see each child's schedule at once.

  • Game Officials
  • Schedule officials for games.

  • Discussion Forums
  • Gain valuable feedback from your league members, and increase participation.

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