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** Important Please Read First **

Link submissions are carefully screened by humans before addition to the Teamopolis Sports Directory.

Please ensure your link meet All of the rules listed below, or you will be banned. There are no exceptions!

Rules for submitting your site:
  • Add sites that are sports related only.
  • Do not submit sites which are still under construction.
  • Do not submit mirror sites.
  • Do not submit sites which contain/promote illegal activities.
  • Do not submit sites which contain pornography.
  • Do not submit SPAM, SPAM links, or irrelevant links (See #1).
  • Once you’ve determined your site might be eligible for listing, find the most relevant category and click on the Add URL link.
  • List the title of your link the way a user of your website would refer to it.
  • Submissions in our directory can take up to 6 weeks before approval, providing a reciprocal will shorten the wait.
  • Make sure our reciprocal is on your site before submitting your link.
  • Reciprocals must be on the same site you are submitting, and accessible from the main page.
  • Charity and not-for-profit sites are always welcome.
  • Submissions are free of charge.

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