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Nations cup 2015 group 2 Schedule


Round 1

1????/ BHARATBye
2The Canadian TeamTeam MalaysiaLocation 1
3The NetherlandsTeam Bulgaria UnitedLocation 2
4Pecatur IndonesiaTeam Hungary - Magyar SakkegyletLocation 3

Round 2

1Team Malaysia????/ BHARATLocation 2
2ByeTeam Bulgaria United
3The Canadian TeamTeam Hungary - Magyar SakkegyletLocation 1
4The NetherlandsPecatur IndonesiaLocation 3

Round 3

1????/ BHARATTeam Bulgaria UnitedLocation 1
2Team MalaysiaTeam Hungary - Magyar SakkegyletLocation 2
3ByePecatur Indonesia
4The Canadian TeamThe NetherlandsLocation 3

Round 4

1Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet????/ BHARATLocation 3
2Team Bulgaria UnitedPecatur IndonesiaLocation 1
3Team MalaysiaThe NetherlandsLocation 2
4ByeThe Canadian Team

Round 5

1????/ BHARATPecatur IndonesiaLocation 2
2Team Hungary - Magyar SakkegyletThe NetherlandsLocation 1
3Team Bulgaria UnitedThe Canadian TeamLocation 3
4Team MalaysiaBye

Round 6

1The Netherlands????/ BHARATLocation 1
2Pecatur IndonesiaThe Canadian TeamLocation 2
3Team Hungary - Magyar SakkegyletBye
4Team Bulgaria UnitedTeam MalaysiaLocation 3

Round 7

1????/ BHARATThe Canadian TeamLocation 2
2The NetherlandsBye
3Pecatur IndonesiaTeam MalaysiaLocation 1
4Team Hungary - Magyar SakkegyletTeam Bulgaria UnitedLocation 3

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