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Create a customized table using BBCode in 5 easy steps.

BBCode is short form for Bulletin Board Code. Similar to the HTML markup language, BBCode is a popular method for formatting messages/postings on online forums.

Teamopolis uses BBCode with its Free League or Free Team websites.

BBCode uses square brackets "[" and "]" at the start and end of the tag.

Just pick the number of rows, columns to create the input fields, enter in your information in the fields, and click the Generate button to generate the BBCode Table.

Be sure to check out out BBCode Reference Guide for more information about the various BBCodes and their usage.

Create a new table or load an existing table:

Choose One:

Create New Table

Choose Parameters:

Specify Rows and Columns

# Rows
# Columns

Enter in your Information:

Generate the Code:

Click on the text to highlight/select. Hit keys CTRL+C to copy the text. Once copied, you can paste it (CTRL+V) into your page editor that accepts BBCode.

(Optional) Save It:

Enter in a Name to Save:


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