I didn't receive any e-mail
If you have filled out an online form for a free team or league website but have yet to receive any e-mail from us, the following reasons may apply to you:

Your e-mail program thinks it is junk

Some e-mail clients automatically classifies incoming e-mail that it doesn't know the sender of as junk.

If you have a junk folder, look in it to see if you have any e-mail from teamopolis.com.

ALso, be sure to specify any settings in your e-mail client to allow all incoming e-mail from the domain teamopolis.com.

Your e-mail server thinks it is spam

Some service providers block e-mails from certain IP addresses. If this happens to you, please contact your service provider to allow incoming e-mails from teamopolis.com.

The following service providers are known to block incoming e-mail from us:

  • Go Daddy
  • AOL

If the above applies to you, we recommend you try a free e-mail program to receive e-mails from us, and contact us and provide an alterate e-mail address we can use instead.

You entered in an incorrect e-mail address

Believe it or not, but some people do enter in their e-mail incorrectly, if you suspect this may be the case for you, please contact us. Provide us with the team/league login you signed up with, and the correct e-mail address you tried to sign-up with.

You are not really sure why you didn't receive any e-mail from us

If you haven't received any e-mail from us, then please contact us, provide us with as much detail about your sign-up information, and we will try and help you out promptly.

IF you do decide to contact us via e-mail, you may want to try using a different e-mail service (Such as GMail, Hotmail, etc.) so we can respond back to you.