Starting a Paintball Team

By Marc Zabudsky

The game of Paintball is a fast and exciting sport, and has a wide variety. If you are thinking about starting a new team this primer will help you build your paintball team.

Starting a Paintball Team

Organizing a new paintball team can take alot of hard work and dedication. It is important to fully understand the Pros and Cons of starting a new paintball team before you actually take the plunge.

Building a Paintball Team

It doesn't take a whole lot of effort to get a group of paintball enthusiasts together, however careful planning and doing things right can make the whole experience very rewarding. Here is a great guide to help you build your paintball team. It covers all of the basics to help you start your own team.

Creating a Paintball Team Website

Once you get the team together, communication is very important to ensure that everybody knows what is going on. Be sure to signup for a Free paintball team website, so that your team can benefit from knowing when and where your games are, and be part of the greatest team ever. Other benefits of a team website are:

  • Have some fun creating the Team Roster
  • Keep everybody informed of whats going on by posting calendars or schedules
  • Post pictures of your team in action
  • Communicate easily with e-mail and messaging features
  • Use the forums to discuss game and team strategies (Be sure to password protect great strategies so your only your team members know)

Additional Pointers

Here are some additional things you might want to do to help your team starting out:

  • Use a Paintball team name generator to help you give your team a great name.
  • Visit local paintball retailers, and ask for a group discount rate for equipment and rentals.
  • Purchase team supplies in bulk to help everybody reduce costs.
  • Search for other teams in the area to compete against.
  • If you are short on players, try posting an advertisement seeking interested players.
  • Participate in paintball tournaments. The practice will help your team will get more experienced, plus they are lots of fun.

Free Paintball Team Website
Quick Setup. Easy to Use
Schedules, Statistics, Photos

Best of luck with your new paintball team!

Hopefully we have given you some good tips on starting a new paintball team. Remember it is only a game, and be sure to always play safe, and to have fun!

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