How to Play Bocce

By Kyle MacKenzie

The Objective of Bocce

The object of Bocce is to get as many of your bocci (bigger, weighted balls) as close to the pallino (smaller target ball) as possible. If you are successful in getting the bocci closer to the pallino than your opponent, you will be awarded points.

Equipment Used to Play Bocce

All you will need to play a game of bocce is 8 balls (the bocci) approximately 4 inches around and a weight of about 2lbs and 1 Pallino, a ball similar to the size of a pool ball. The game can be played with 2-4 players. A measuring tape is also good to have nearby for close tosses.

Starting the Game

A coin toss decides who will take the first throw of the pallino. Team A throws the pallino and follows by throwing the first bocci. Teams rotate throws until all balls have been thrown.

Scoring in Bocce

Only one team scores points during a single frame. If Team A has the closest throw, and Team B has the 2nd and 3rd closest, only Team A is awarded a point. A team can be awarded up to a maximum of 4 points, if all four of their bocci is closest to the pallino. In an official game, if the bocci hits the back wall past the pallino, the ball is considered a ‘dead ball’.

Bocce Playing Surfaces

Official Bocce courts are rectangular in shape and have strong, rigid walls around the border. Sizes vary in all courts, but are typically 60-90 feet in length and 7-14 feet wide. The border walls can be anywhere from 8-15 inches tall.

However, a great thing about bocce is that you don’t actually need a court. If you have 8 weighted balls and a pallino you can play around your lawn or in a park. Teams throw ball toward the pallino, walk ahead and mark scores and then throw the pallino from the new spot. Make an adventure of it!
There is a lot of Bocce tournaments, leagues and events that are put together each year. Keeping scores, stats, schedules and updates can be a difficult task. By utilizing online scheduling sites, such as, you will be able to stay organized and allow all participants to check updates around the clock.

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Remember, Bocce is all about spirit so get out there and have fun!


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